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Melting Songs Video #4 – Change The Weather

Video created and edited by Fredrik Maaland. Additional photo by Clara Sune Buch and Brynjar Meling.

Starring lyr, wrasse, Vilde Tuv, and the Cheese and Wine tour T-shirt designed by Christian Dugstad and Emil Keller Skousen in 2016.

Melting Songs Video #3 – Tenk At Det Fins.

Video created and edited by Maria Hilde and Veronica Bruce. Performed by Veronica Bruce. 

Melting Songs Video #2 – Melting Song

Directed and edited by Håkon Hoffart 

Photography by Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes Line Producer Malin Hannesdatter Sunde 

Featuring Nora Shikoswe Hougsnæs, Isak Jørgensen, Sigrid Rostad & Tim Belliveau

Melting Songs Video #1 – Little Crack

Video by Vilde Tuv & Håkon Hoffart